The Tower of success was founded by Hugues Nkamwa. Hugues is a motivational and inspirational speaker with years of personal study and practice in the field of human potential.

Hugues teaches that you have the power to overcome your challenges no matter what these are and achieve success.

He shows you through his proprietary Four Pillars of Success System how to break out of the prison of your circumstances to achieve the goals you have set for your lives.

The world in this 21stcentury is fast becoming a global village. And we are going to be facing challenges that will require an innovative leadership skills set on a personal, professional and organizational level.

To be successful in this new world it is increasingly critical to command new insights and perspectives in managing change in our lives, work places and our institutions.

It is imperative that you who aspire to success and greatness tap into the power of this emerging dynamics of the new market place.

This is more so particularly important for politicians, Organizational executives, opinion leaders and individuals wanting to create lasting positive change in their lives and the lives of their communities.

This is why we are here. To serve, guide, counsel, inspire, motivate and help you successfully navigate this increasingly complex web of challenges we now must face.